10 Reasons Mario Is Your Spirit Animal This MAR10 Day

Today, March 10 is Mario Day, and with the long-awaited release Mario Party 10 just 10 days away, we've put together a list of 10 reasons Mario is your spirit animal!

1. We've all got that one go-to outfit that never lets us down

2. So there's always going to be someone out there copying your style. Of course they don't rock it nearly as well as you do.

3. There's always some friendly rivalry between you and your siblings, but you never let it get out of hand.

4. Plus you care a lot about the environment and occasionally spend a free weekend picking up after people and making things right.

5. Sometimes, despite all of your hard work, you don't get the result you were looking for. You can only let it motivate you to keep on going!

6. Even when your problems feel like a flight of stairs that will keep on going forever… and ever… and ever…

7. You know that sometimes you just have to drop everything you're doing and get some well-need Z's.

8. And it always makes it better than your long-time friends are there for you when you need it most

9. So when life throws a problem your way, you're not afraid to grab it by the tail (and then throw it at a strategically placed mine)

10. And when you reach for the stars and you eventually do succeed, you know you're invincible (and you've got an awesome theme song to back it up)

What's your favorite moment in Mario history? Share with us in the comments below and tell us about your favorite video games in our community at Sweety High.