Mario Party: Island Tour with Jennette McCurdy

Jennette McCurdy appears in new ads for the game Mario Party: Island Tour, which released just last weak on the 3DS!

Mario Party: Island Tour

"A cowboy thought he could show ME how to lasso Goombas in Mario Party: Island Tour?" Jennette Tweeted. "I showed HIM the ropes."

In the ad, a cowboy demonstrates his lasso skills for Jennette and shows her how to rope in some mushroom-shaped Goombas.

When Jennette tries her hand at the game, she shows him who's boss by grabbing 12 of them at once!

"It took me years to be able to lasso like that!" the cowboy tells Jennette.

When he tries to steal the 3DS back from Jennette, she turns his lasso on him and leaves him hogtied!

In another ad for the game, the Sam & Cat star goes ghost-hunting with an expert on paranormal activity!

We think the game looks super fun, and love that Jennette is onboard showing that girls can be gamers too!

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