Marquis Drinks Provide Natural Caffeination, Without the Crash—and They REALLY Work

In general, I can't drink energy drinks.

I tend to be pretty sensitive to caffeine, and even a regular full-caff cup of coffee makes me immediately jittery, then makes me crash and want a nap within the hour—and then, come bedtime, I find that I can't sleep a wink. Even so, I'm always up to try new products that might help me enjoy the focus and energy boost others get from their favorite caffeinated beverages.

So, when the team behind Marquis plant-based caffeinated beverages reached out to me, I was intrigued. Like many others, they promise energy, without the crash, so I agreed to try them out myself for a review and taste test to see if they really do get the job done.

The Brand

Marquis specializes in plant-based caffeinated beverages that utilize a blend of three different types of caffeine from yerba mate, green coffee and green tea for just the right amount of energy, without the crash. These fruity drinks are inspired by the Asian heritage of the brand's founders and are the polar opposite of the typical high-sugar, low-quality caffeine energy drinks with their zero-sugar and zero-calorie formulas and naturally-derived caffeine.

The formula is sweetened with monk fruit—not sugar—and includes  antioxidants and vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12, plus more vitamin C than an orange in every can. Each can also contains 100 mg of caffeine—less than an average grande-sized Starbucks coffee, and way less than the average energy drink's 300 to 400 mg of caffeine. The brand also invests 1% of its revenue in climate change efforts.

Marquis drinks come in 12 oz. cans and sell in 12-packs for $34.99 each, and you can save 10% on every order with a subscription.

Marquis energy drinks assorted cans on water background

(via Marquis)


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The Flavors

Super Berry

I began my trial with Marquis with the Super Berry flavor, and I was an instant fan. I actually love the taste of energy drinks, which makes them a nice treat for me, and this one caffeinated beverage had all of the fizz and that tangy energy drink taste I've come to know and love, layered over a vibrant raspberry flavor that was sweet, but not too tart. It tasted even better knowing it was packed with vitamins and real ingredients.

And when I've had too much caffeine, I know it. My mind races, my muscles feel tense, and if I don't listen to my body and rest at the right moments, I can get a migraine. This drink didn't make me feel like that at all. Drinking this just made me feel really honed in on the work that needed to get done, and I felt totally on top of the day, and—as promised—I didn't crash at all. Even better, the drink didn't seem to affect my sleep whatsoever. After my first great experience with the brand, I very much looked forward to trying the other flavors.

Marquis energy drinks super berry

(via Marquis)


Mango Ginger

The following day, I moved on to the Mango Ginger flavor. Again, it had that tingly energy drink flavor I adore, but this time mingled with tropical sweetness and tanginess from the mango. While I didn't sense much ginger spice in the flavor, the ginger did seem to lend it a bit of earthiness that I enjoyed quite a lot.

But, more important than the flavor, it provided all of the same energy benefits yet again. I felt focused, and the energy seemed to stay with me throughout the day, without any dips, and without keeping me up at night.

Marquis energy drinks mango ginger

(via Marquis)


Citrus Yuzu

Last, but certainly not least, was the Citrus Yuzu flavor. If you've never had yuzu, think of it as a tart, orangey grapefruit. I found that this flavor had a slightly sour citrusy kick compared to the other flavors, without being too tart and tangy. It was delicious, and for a third time, I loved the way its energy made me feel.

Marquis energy drinks citrus yuzu

(via Marquis)


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Bottom Line

If you've been looking for an alternative to the standard highly caffeinated energy drinks out there, Marquis might be just the thing for you. Even with the way I typically react to caffeine, it didn't affect me negatively whatsoever, and each day I drank a can, I felt amazing—and when I ran out, I didn't get caffeine withdrawal headaches, either. If you don't like the flavor of energy drinks, you may not like these so much, but I still think they're worth a try. About $2.83 a can they're a bit pricey, but not exorbitant, and I think most people will love what they have to offer.


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