Martie Blair Shares How Millie Bobby Brown Helped Her Become Young Eleven for Stranger Things

ºNot caught up on the most recently released episodes of Stranger Things? It may be time to click away, because you're getting into spoiler territory.

In fact, it's tough to talk about Martie Blair's appearance in Stranger Things Season 4 without spoiling a few things. That's because she was the actress responsible for bringing young Eleven to life—with a little help from a CGI'd version of a young Millie Bobby Brown's face over hers. As Eleven recalls her tragic past in an effort to unlock her lost powers, we see her younger self, and the truth of what really happened in the Rainbow Room.

And we had the pleasure of jumping on a Zoom interview with Martie herself to learn all about her passion for Stranger Things, what it took to bring young Eleven to the screen and all of the great tips Millie shared with her on set. Keep reading to discover what she shared with us.

Sweety High: Had you watched Stranger Things at all before auditioning for young Eleven?

Martie Blair: I've been a fan of the show since I was 4, so once my mom told me that I had an audition for it, I'd already finished all of the seasons that were out. I'd seen the show and I loved it. It's a really good show.


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SH: What does it mean to you not only part of this massive show, but to be playing such a beloved character?

MB: Getting the opportunity to act with the cast members, and work with the Duffer brothers and everyone, and to be on the show was just amazing. The fact I also got to be one of my favorite characters, because there are so many that I love, made it so fun. I was so happy and I couldn't wait to start filming.


SH: Is it weird to know that it's you acting, but to see Millie's face over yours? Did that make the acting process any different than a normal shoot?

MB: Seeing myself onscreen with a totally different face was so funny and strange, but I loved seeing it, because that's how Eleven would look. That was really cool. I love watching myself act.

Acting it on set and filming, there was nothing that really changed, besides in makeup I had to put black dots on my face so that CGI would know where to fix or change it.


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SH: The subjects at Hawkins Lab led pretty scary and sad lives. How did you get into Eleven's head to play her?

MB: Especially since I've been a fan since I was 4, I already knew so much about her and what she was going through, but definitely working with the cast members who have been on the show for years and years and them teaching me and telling me more about her really helped me understand what she was going through.


SH: What was it like working with Millie on set?

MB: Millie was such a big help in all of the scenes we had together. She was so kind, so helpful, and we worked together very well. I hope that I can work with her again because she was just really kind and amazing.


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SH: Did she have any specific advice for you?

MB: She's really good at that. There's a video where me, Millie and Matthew [Modine] are doing jumping jacks. There's a specific reason we were doing that, and it's because in the scene we filmed after, it was me killing One and turning One into Vecna, and we were doing that so that I could have heavy breath. Breathing heavier really showed I was struggling. Millie came up with that and it definitely helped me with it. For killing One, she also helped me perfect this [Martie raises her hand, like she's using telekinetic powers]. She's been doing it for so long and she showed me how to do it the way she's always done it, and that was really helpful. She showed me what to do, how heavy and how often to breathe, and stuff like that.


SH: If you had your own superpower, what would it be?

MB: Honestly, I think telekinesis. It would just be so cool to be able to move stuff with your mind. Crush things, lift things. And I think it would be really fun. Especially because when I'm watching really good movies or something like Stranger Things I get really into it, and if I have to get my drink, let's say, it's hard for me to reach over because I want to pay complete attention, so with telekinesis, I could just pick it up with my mind. That would be fun.


SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

MB: I just wanted to say that working with the whole cast was so amazing. They were so nice and I was so happy that I got to work with them and be with them for this amazing experience on Stranger Things.


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