These Marvel Character-Inspired Snacks Will Make You a Culinary Superhero

With a great Marvel movie marathon comes the great responsibility to serve up awesome movie night snacks.

If you're stumped regarding what you should serve the next time you host a Marvel viewing, we've got you covered. These incredible tutorials will show you exactly how to transform your fave superheroes into yummy foods.

Spider-Man Candy Apples

Rosanna Pansino takes the classic candy apple and goes one step further into Spider-Man greatness by adding marshmallow tips and black icing to create his eyes and the web of his mask.


Captain America Shield Sugar Cookies

Before you cut these adorable cookies of Captain America's shield, you have to create the log. This involves making red, white and blue cookie dough, and making each individual part of the shield, starting with the central white star and working outward with blue, then red, then white and red again until you've created the perfect shield. Cut out slices, freeze and bake for perfect shield cookies!


Iron Man Strawberry Pie

This Iron Man pie is made just like a traditional pie, except the tasty crust on top is cut to look like Tony Stark's mask. The contrast between the golden crust and the strawberry filling does a great job replicating Iron Man's signature colors.


Deadpool Pizza

Rosanna Pansino makes her Deadpool pizza from scratch, but you're free to use store-bought if you decide to follow along. In this recipe, Deadpool's mask is brought to life with the help of lots of pepperoni, loads of olives and slices of mozzarella for his eyeballs.


Baby Groot Cupcakes

If you didn't know it already, we love Baby Groot, and this recipe combines a cupcake base with a shortbread or gingerbread Groot-shaped cookie to look just like the new baby in his pot. Groot sure is cute.


Mjölnir (Thor's Hammer) Marshmallow Sticks

We think you're totally worthy of these hammer-shaped treats. With the help of some silver food mist, you can transform puffy marshmallows into hammerheads. A pretzel transforms it into Mjölnir. Follow the recipe here.

Thor's Hammer Mjolnir Pretzel and Marshmallow Sticks

(via Simplistically Living)


Hulk Pudding Cups

Rosanna Pansino does it again with these adorable Hulk pudding cups! Start by drawing cute Hulk faces on your clear serving cups. By adding green food coloring to vanilla pudding and topping with crushed Oreo cookies, you've created the perfect Hulk snack.


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