Crafting Adorable Marvel Universe Characters From Felt Has Never Been Easier

Even if you're not great at DIYs, you are fully capable of creating your own felt Marvel superheroes with the help of the Marvel Universe Felt kit.

Marvel Universe Felt set

The kit comes with everything you need to make ten felt versions of your favorite characters from the Marvel universe, including thorough instructions, cut-out templates, multicolored felt and embroidery floss and lots of fluffy stuff to puff up your characters when they're almost finished.


Each tutorial starts with the cutting of the pieces. The templates spell out how many pieces you need, and the guidebook tells you which colors belong to each piece. The felt pieces are also nice and thin, making them easy to cut with a standard pair of scissors.

Marvel Universe Felt She Hulk pieces

Once you've cut your felt pieces, things get a little more complicated. To start sewing pieces onto your figures you'll need to learn roll knots, stab stitches and end knots, to add details you'll want to master straight, back and satin stitches, and to bring the entire thing together you'll learn the whipstitch and hidden knot.

If you've never sewn before, this can all sound pretty complicated, but each step is spelled out well within the booklet, with accompanying images. And if you ever hid a roadblock with a step, YouTube sewing videos can be your best friend!

At the end of your first piece, chances are that you'll have learned a few new techniques and put together a very cute figure—but don't think for a second that the process will be quick. I worked first on She-Hulk, and it took me about three hours to complete from start to finish.

Marvel Universe Felt She Hulk figure completed

Embroidery floss is made up of six intertwined pieces, and for the She-Hulk figure I wanted to use all six at once for a more playful look. For my Spider-Man, I decided to separate the threads and follow the recommended number of threads noted in the book.

Marvel Universe Felt Spider-Man figure finished

The result was slightly more polished, and I even completed it faster (in about two and a half hours), though I might have been quicker on my second go-around.

Marvel Universe Felt Spider-Man and She Hulk figures finished

In addition to the characters I created, the set also includes what you need to make Black Widow, Hulk, Rocket Raccoon, Captain America, Iron Man, Falcon, Thor and Doctor Strange.

If you're willing to invest a few hours (and potentially sore fingers) into each figure, you can wind up with truly adorable felt figures every time. Whether you want to keep them all to yourself or share them with friends, each figure will have an undeniable personal touch. Best of all, once you've mastered the techniques, you can even use the materials to make figures of your own own creation. If you don't have the patience or time, you should probably pass on the set.


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