Are You Making These Mistakes When You Apply Mascara?

Mascara seems pretty straight forward.

Untwist tube, pull out wand, apply mascara to lashes—how many mistakes can be made with such a simple process?

Believe it or not, there's a real skill behind making your peepers pop, and a lot of it has to do with how you apply your mascara. See if you're making one of these mascara mistakes below.

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Forgetting the Little Lashes

The baby hairs on the inner corners of your lids can really open up your eyes and make them look huge. Make sure you really get in there and coat those tiny lashes.


Thinking Bigger Wand = Better

Yes, bigger wands cover more surface area, but smaller wands and brushes can actually give you more control. It's a personal preference and definitely depends on the shape of your eye, but just know that a big brush isn't always better.


Failing to Curl Your Lashes Beforehand

There's only so much lift your mascara can do on its own. Defy gravity and make your lashes look two times as long by curling them carefully prior to applying mascara.


Not Utilizing All the Angles of the Wand

Mascara wands are designed for 360 use, so make sure you're taking advantage of all the brush angles for maximum efficacy. Getting into those tiny little corners and super light baby lashes will make all the difference in truly making your eyes pop.


Not Starting at the Root of the Lashes

For va-va-voom volume, you have to start by placing the wand right at the root of the lash line and then working the product out towards the tip of your lashes. Failing to start at the root can actually make your lashes look shorter.

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Only Applying Mascara Underneath

People tend to apply mascara underneath the lashes, but a good way to make your lashes really pop is to apply mascara both underneath and on top of the lashes.


Pumping the Wand

It feels like second nature to pump your mascara wand to get more product, but pumping is actually super harmful in the long run. It gets more air into the formula, causing your mascara to dry out much more quickly.


Always Using Black Mascara

Black mascara is definitely the most common shade. But, have you ever taken a look at what color your lashes actually are? Lashes can range from blonde to red to black or anything in between, and mascara shades account for the different colors. If you're fair or have red hair, black mascara might be too harsh-looking for your skin tone, meaning you might need a switch to a brown or soft black shade for truly stunning eye makeup.

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Not Using the Wiggle and Brush Through Method

The tried and true wiggle and brush method is the best way to distribute product evenly, and it's just like it sounds. Wiggle the wand at the base of your lash line, and then swoop product out.


Applying Too Many Coats

We're guilty of this one, too–applying coat after coat of mascara is not only a habit, it seems like the right way to build longer, thicker lashes. But most often, lashes just get clumpy, sticky and chunky-looking. Sticking to 2-3 swipes per section is best.


Not Combing Through

The comb through is so important, especially if you're applying multiple coats or going for a heavier look. Combing through the lashes gently keeps them looking natural and prevents them from clumping together.


Not Replacing Your Mascara Often Enough

Mascara should be replaced every three to six months. Not only does it expire, causing the product to go bad, but it can also irritate the delicate eye area that it touches. Mascara is not something to skimp on–if you've had yours for longer than six months, toss it ASAP.


Forgetting About Your Bottom Lashes

People often forget about their bottom lashes. A truly '60s MOD look, applying mascara to the lower lash line can make eyes pop even more, creating a super big and doe-eyed look. Just make sure you use waterproof mascara on your bottom lashes because it tends to run faster.



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