Thanksgiving Instagram Captions to Use If You Prefer Mashed Potatoes Above All Else

Potatoes just don't get enough credit.

Not only are they the most versatile of all vegetables, they're also just plain delicious. In fact, potatoes are part of the reason we love Thanksgiving so much—we get to eat them in their purest, most mouthwatering form.

If you want to show off your appreciation for potatoes this holiday season, keep scrolling for Thanksgiving Instagram captions to use if you prefer mashed potatoes above all else.

For a photo of you zoomed in on the mashed potatoes despite all the other delicious dishes surrounding it:

"Thankful, blessed, and mashed potato obsessed."


For a photo of you and your S.O. sharing a heaping plate of mashed potatoes:

"You are the gravy to my mashed potatoes."


For a photo of you and your sibling actually showing each other some holiday love:

"Thankful for mashed potatoes and you."


For a photo announcing your new holiday relationship status:

"In a relationship with mashed potatoes."


For a photo that captures the tasty simplicity of mashed potatoes:

"Haters gonna hate. Potatoes gonna potate."


For a photo of you happily digging into your 3rd serving of mashed potatoes:

"Mashed potatoes are the candy of vegetables."


For a photo of you piling on more taters in place of dessert:

"I don't celebrate with ice cream. I celebrate with mashed potatoes."

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For a photo of you really going to town with the potato masher:

"Taking my anger out on my potatoes."


For a photo that captures all your Thanksgiving feelings:

"Things I'm thankful for: mashed potatoes."



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