MASN on His New Single, Emotional Dependence and Why It's Called a 'Crush'

If you've ever felt like you couldn't escape the weight of a powerful infatuation, you're about to relate to MASN's new single "Crush" in a big way.

The 21-year-old alt-pop singer-songwriter has been making quite a name for himself, with this year's singles "High School," "Love Me For Me" and "Adrenaline" being some of his most lyrically powerful yet, but "Crush" speaks to us on an even deeper level. It's about falling for someone, and how a crush can make it feel as though you're being crushed under the weight of your powerful new feelings. We loved it from the first listen, and we had the opportunity to speak with MASN all about "Crush," its lyrics and what inspired the track.

The Story Behind 'Crush'

MASN: "Crush" was inspired by the feeling of someone having enough emotional pull to figuratively crush you. It feels as if you're being physically crushed, but really it is just in your head. We don't always realize how much pull someone has over us.


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What 'Crush' Means

MASN: It reminds me to not allow anyone to take up too much mental real estate in my head to the point they are able to crush me. I think it speaks on dependence in general as well, which I hope to help others become more aware of their own dependence on relationships or substances. We need to be more cautious of those we let in close enough to "crush" us and how we may be that person for someone else.

MASN crush single artwork

('Crush' via RCA Records)


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MASN's Favorite Lyric

MASN: "Lock myself inside your room again." You know something or someone is bad for you, but you're doing it to yourself. You're trapping yourself in the environment in which you become crushed.

MASN mountain headshot

(Photo credit: Allen Chiu)


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