7 Foodie Facts About MasterChef Junior Finalist Andrew

Will Andrew be the crowned the laster MasterChef Junior after tonight? Today's finale will see Andrew head off against his opponent Nathan to determine the season 3 winner. We spoke with Andrew to discover his cooking favorites and learn what it was like to be on MasterChef Junior.

master chef junior finalist andrew interview

What is your favorite entree to cook?

1. My favorite entree to cook on MasterChef Junior was Salmon en Croute for Tilly Ramsay.

Favorite appetizer?

2. My favorite appetizer to cook was pasta carbonaro.

Favorite dessert?

3. My favorite dessert to cook was my Raspberry Mousse (featured in the semi finals last week). It really was a challenge, but I overcame it.

What's your least favorite thing to cook?

4. My least favorite thing to cook is desserts, because I don't like to measure the ingredients. I go by taste.

If you could eat any meal right this second, what would it be?

5. If I could eat anything this second it would be Chicken Parmesan wrapped with prosciutto over pasta.

Who is your biggest celebrity chef inspiration?

6. My biggest celebrity chef is definitely Gordon Ramsay.

Do you have any special ritual that you do before you cook?

7. My special ritual is that I drink orange juice before I cook, it gives me the energy to run around the kitchen.

andrew masterchef junior contestant interview
Photo credit: Greg Gayne

On the toughest challenge this season…

I think my toughest challenge was definitely the restaurant takeover because I had never worked in a professional kitchen before.

On working with Gordon Ramsay…

I embraced the moments I worked with a Michelin Star Chef like Gordon. He made me be a better chef.

On Nathan's skills

I don't think my opponent has any skills over me, but he is quiet in the kitchen and I am like a tornado.

On the MasterChef Junior title…

I deserve to be the next MasterChef Junior because I had to overcome many more obstacles and challenges than any other contestant – because I was a threat to them.

On cooking…

Some advice I could give is practice makes perfect. Try until you get it perfect; you are the only thing that is holding you back.

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