7 Foodie Facts About MasterChef Junior Finalist Nathan

Nathan is one of two finalists on the latest season of MasterChef Junior. Tonight, he heads off against opponent Andrew in a culinary battle that will decide the winner. In a recenter interview, we asked the young chef a few questions about his favorite dishes and the competition.

MasterChef Junior finalist Andrew answers questions about his favorite dishes, chefs and more

What is your favorite entree to cook?

1. My favorite entree to cook is Tokyo Style Ramen because I really like cooking Japanese foods and I love all of the flavors.

Favorite appetizer?

2. My favorite appetizer to eat and make is definitely Yellowtail Tuna Sashimi.

Favorite dessert?

3. My favorite dessert is french macarons because they're really fun to make, but also kind of difficult, which I enjoy.

What's your least favorite thing to cook?

4. My least favorite thing to cook is probably octopus because it gets tough really quick and I really don't like eating it either!

If you could eat any meal right this second, what would it be?

5. If I could eat any meal right this second, it would definitely be the Salmon en Croute that Gordon made me when I won the banana challenge. It was so good!

Who is your biggest celebrity chef inspiration?

6. My biggest celebrity chef inspiration is either Gordon Ramsay or Ann Burrell. I really like their styles of cooking and they're both very funny!

Do you have any special ritual that you do before you cook?

7. Before I cook and while I cook, I always pull up a song or some commentary on YouTube and listen to it.

Nathan MasterChef Junior Interview:
Photo credit: Greg Gayne

On the toughest challenge this season…

The toughest challenge for me on MasterChef Junior has definitely been the creme brûlée challenge since it was the first time I had ever made one!

On working with Gordon Ramsay…

Working with Gordon Ramsay has been an amazing experience. I respect him so much and actually getting to meet him and talk to him was fantastic.

On Andrew's skills…

Andrew is very talented at making complex dishes and he's really ambitious, as well as, a great chef. He is definitely going to be a tough competitor!

On the MasterChef Junior title…

I think I deserve to be the next MasterChef Junior because i've worked so hard to get here and do this and winning the show would just make the entire experience 100 times better!

If you love MasterChef Junior, be sure to tune into the finale tonight, February 24, on Fox and share your favorite food creations with us at Sweety High.