Matched Weaves a Tale Of Dystopian Romance!

The Matched trilogy has recently become a very popular series. The latest in the series, Reached, came out in the last year. The books, by New York Times bestselling author Ally Condie, follow the story of Cassia, a girl who has just turned seventeen.Matched

Cassia lives in a society under total government control. How much you exercise, the quantities of your meals, your job, the person you marry, and even the day you die are controlled by the Society. They do this with the supposed intention of giving everyone the healthiest, longest and happiest lives possible.

In Cassia's world, when you turn seventeen, you are Matched. When you are Matched, the Society tells you who your future spouse will be. Most people never have met or seen this person before. Most likely they live in a different town, or even out in the country.

For Cassia it's different. She ends up being Matched with a boy she's known forever, who lives just down the street. He is her best friend, Xander Carrow, an intelligent, handsome and kind person.

Ecstatic with the results, Cassia looks at the information that the Society has given her on Xander, not expecting to see anything she doesn't already know.

To her surprise, where there should to be a photo of her Matched, another boy pops up instead. He is another boy Cassia knows, named Ky. Ky is a mysterious boy down the street whom Cassia is friends with, but she doesn't know much about him.

Startled and even a little scared, Cassia is told this is merely an accident. Even with that in mind, she can't help but think there's some reason why Ky was shown as her match, along with Xander. Who wouldn't be curious?

Delving a little too deeply into the mystery, Cassia begins to endanger herself. In Matched, readers follow Cassia as she deals with the struggles of having feelings for two men, despite what the rules of the Society allows.

Matched is a great read for anyone who likes dystopian books, with a large dose of romance. Many fans of the Twilight and Hunger Games books also love this trilogy.

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