Matt Bennett and Daniella Monet Work It Out!

No, Matt Bennett and Daniella Monet aren't in a fight, they're just both working on their fitness! The adorable duo both attended the Worldwide Day of Play were they went through obstacle courses and hung out with their Nickelodeon family.

"We're here for the Worldwide Day of Play. Nickelodeon turns off their broadcasting for three hours and lets kids go out and play. You're not a slave to the television anymore. It's a really great cause and I think it's a great idea.  We're out here and I'm already feeling hot and sweaty which is a good sign I guess. Means I've been working out," said Matt Bennett.

Daniella shared that she has always been a crazy active kid. Right now she is part of a dance team, does Martial Arts, and goes to boot camp classes everyday.

Matt on the other hand likes to use weights to maintain his fit physique. "I lift weights everyday… err… sorry, I lift weights every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If I lifted weights everyday I'd look like Leon over here. Leon's got the muscles."

Whatever you've been doing Matt, we approve! But for those who don't have weights or don't hit the gym on a regular basis, the Victorious cutie suggests pushups. "You can do them anywhere anytime," he claims.

Check out this super cute video of Matt and Daniella as they talk about which of the two of them is more fit and what they do on set to have fun and stay active.