Social Media and Talent Manager Matt Dugan Just Got Another Role—As a News Anchor

Matt Dugan was never destined to do just one thing.

You might know him as the talent and social manager of some of the biggest young influencers in the business, or for his production work, but he's about to do even more as an evening anchor for the Frudy Tonight news show.

Matt Dugan Frudy Tonight graphic

(via Frudy)

You can catch Matt behind the news desk every weeknight, starting tonight, at 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time, and find out more fun facts about him below.

1. Cats are Matt's favorite animals.

"You can thank Robert DeNiro's character in Meet The Parents for introducing the idea of owning a cat. The cat in the film was Mr. Jinx or Jinxy cat. I got a cat just like the one in the movie and named her Jinxy."

-Matt Dugan

2. His most-used emoji is the smiley face.

3. The Disney Prince he relates to most is Prince Adam, AKA the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, after he transforms.

4. On his off days, he loves wearing a polo shirt and shorts. However, at the news desk, he always wears a suit, tie and dress pants.

5. He loves flight simulator video games.

"I fly a flight simulator game daily. I actually feel like I'm flying all over."

-Matt Dugan

6. His favorite dessert in the world is the Oreo sundae at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood.

7. When people come to Matt for help, it's usually to help them grow their social media pages.

8. The No. 1 thing on his bucket list is going to Paris to explore its catacombs.

9. He does daily affirmations and meditations.

10. His roots are super important to him.

"I come from a small town outside of Pittsburgh and was brought up and told to always be kind to others. Also, I live by putting good out there and good will come back to you."

-Matt Dugan


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