6 Vines That Prove We're All Basically Matt Espinosa

17-year-old Matt Espinoza is one of Vine's biggest stars and we absolutely can't stop adding more loops to his funniest videos. If you needed a guide to the essential Matt Espinosa Vines, we've got you covered.Matt Espinosa's Top 6 Funniest Vines

1. Same Cup Situation, featuring DeStorm Power

2. Jack and Jack question Matt's banana-eating technique

3. Competitive Friendships with Rudy Mancuso

4. The pains of watching a TV show with a friend, featuring Jack and Jack

5. This mind-bending sorcery

6. Rocking the awkward pool party hamburger and a pouch of Capri Sun

Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, and share your favorite Vines with us at Sweety High.