Maude Latour Pleads for Forgiveness in Her Upbeat New Single 'Cyclone'

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Maude Latour has been one of the most exciting rising artists on the scene, and her new single "Cyclone" is proof she's not letting up anytime soon.

The recent Columbia graduate has always been deeply insightful with her music, taking her true experiences and transforming them into undeniable earworms, with "Cyclone" being an upbeat but vulnerable plea for forgiveness to mend a fractured friendship. The sound isn't quite what you'd expect, driving the message home even further, and we just can'stop listening. The track also teases her newly announced EP, out Sep. 30, and we got the chance to chat with Maude all about precisely what "Cyclone" and its striking lyrics mean to her.

The Story Behind 'Cyclone'

Maude Latour: This song is truly a vulnerable moment for me, where I am asking for forgiveness and realizing that I can't live without someone. This song is dedicated to my best friend, and it's about my own growth through our journey together, fighting, realizing where I went wrong and changing as a person. This song is different than my other works because it is truly about how much I need someone.


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What 'Cyclone' Means

ML: The song is growing pain to me—it is truly an act of reaching into my heart and finding vulnerability and the need for love and forgiveness. It is about putting in the work that a true friendship requires. It is about loving someone completely.

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Maude's Favorite Lyric

ML: "I'll always see you like we're 15, dancing, not afraid of anything."

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