Max Schneider Chats with Sweety High!

Max Schneider gave Sweety High the inside scoop on his Broadway past and his latest single, Nothing Without Love! Before our new episode of SweetBeatTV starring Max goes up later this month (you can check out the preview here!), check out this written interview we did with Max.

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Max Schneider Interview

Max Schneider pretty much always wanted to be a performer. After seeing his first Broadway show when he was very young, Max started doing youth theater.

"I loved performing at four-years-old just as much as I do now," Max said.

Throughout his childhood, Max landed a lot of TV spots and roles in Broadway shows. He was an understudy, prepared to take on the role of many actors in an emergency.

"I'd say one of the most memorable [memories] was my first Broadway show, 13: The Musical," Max told us. "I was a swing understudy, which means I understudied four different parts in the show. One show, an actor who I covered lost his voice mid-show and I had to go on for him within two minutes—that meant changing clothes, getting mic'ed and all. They threw me my shirt as I bicycled onstage. It was my Broadway debut for a sold out crowd that night and I will definitely never forget it."

Max eventually started writing his own songs and music when he was 14. He started playing the ukulele when he was 17 years old.

"One of my best friends in the world, Madeline, always played it," Max explained. "One day, we were all in Central Park and she was playing hers and I asked if she would teach me a few chords. She did, and I've been in love with playing it ever since."

Trying to learn a new instrument was a risk, but that's all part of the fun, Max said.

"I think stepping out of your comfort zone and trying a new instrument is important, especially if you've never played one," Max said.

He explained that, though learning to play an instrument can be frustrating at first, it is definitely worth the rewards.

"There comes this bliss and a real sense of accomplishment that, in my experience, one rarely finds in other things in life," Max said.

Max Schneider's latest single, "Nothing Without Love," released toward the end of May. Max said he'd had the song written in his head for over a year, and that he was glad it was finally out in the world.

"The song was inspired by a girl that I loved," Max said, "but branching off of that inspiration came the idea of being nothing without love in every sense of the word, whether that be romantically, or the love for your family, the love that's found in doing good for others, and loving who you are. It's been said a million times before, but I believe it can't be said enough."

Max Schneider's fans are aptly called Schneider monkeys. Though Max isn't sure where the fan name came originated, he approves.

"All I know is nothing really awesome rhymes with "Schneider," I love monkeys, and I love my fans, so the name just fits, I guess," he said. "I'm totally cool with it. Monkeys are supah dupah dope."

He's currently working on an album of new songs for his fans. The  album will consist of 10 pop-rock songs, with R&B and jazz flair.

"Every song is a different piece of myself with some up-tempo dance songs, jazzy ballads, and some funky stuff too," he said of the new album. "I'm excited to get the whole album out there and hope people enjoy it."

So what does Max have in store for us next?

"I'm working on a ton of new music videos with my boy, Kurt Schneider, and lots of awesome special guests, so those will be coming out throughout the next few months," Max teased. "I've also got a new show I'll be going into production for soon called 'Crisis,' which will premiere on NBC early next year! "