Check out the brand Max Schneider Mugshot music video to hear his new song, which will be featured in the upcoming Veronica Mars film!Max Schneider Mugshot Music Video

As the video starts, Max Schneider’s mugshot is posted on a wanted poster, and there’s a $100,000 reward for his capture!

The video seems to take place in the old west. As men in suspenders lead a prison change gang with pickaxes through a dusty desert, Max and his group of bandits intervene to free them!

We are absolutely loving the new song for its captivating lyrics and a dance you can really dance to. For some reason, the retro theme really suits the track, and the video looked like so much fun to film!

The Veronica Mars soundtrack will go on sale March 4, 2014, so if you love the track be sure to check it out!

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