McDonald's Switched Up Its Apple Pie Recipe, So Prepare for a New Twist

Both McDonald's and apple pie are American classics, but that doesn't mean they can stay the same forever.

The fast food restaurant chain decided to update its beloved version of the dessert by switching to a new recipe. McDonald's has tweaked the Baked Apple Pie, both inside and out. It now features a filling made with sliced, American-grown apples and cinnamon, plus a sugar-sprinkled lattice-top crust.

The new recipe may make the pie a bit healthier. It is "made with fewer ingredients such as sugar," according to the company. McDonald's spokesperson Tiffany Briggs also indicated it will still "give each one that homemade taste our customers love."

McDonald's Baked Apple Pie

(via McDonald's)

Customers aren't necessarily on board with the change yet. Some have been complaining on Twitter, even though they don't all seem to have tried it personally.

Food is very personal, so if you're an apple pie fan, you may just have to go sample one yourself. You might find that the McDonald's dessert tastes better than ever.


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