A Definitive Ranking of Every Dessert on the McDonald's Menu

McDonald's may be best known for Big Macs and McNuggets, but they also have a solid dessert menu.

But that doesn't mean every McDonald's cookie, pie and ice cream treat is a winner. Don't want to order the wrong thing? Check out our definitive ranking of every dessert on the McDonald's menu below.

13. Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

We don't have too much explaining to do regarding the ranking of this oatmeal raisin cookie at dead last. If you're going to order a fast food dessert, you might as well go for broke, and this pseudo-healthy cookie doesn't accomplish that. Even if you adore oatmeal raisin cookies, we don't think this one will succeed at satisfying your cravings.


12. Kiddie Cone

It's not that the Kiddie Cone tastes bad—it's just too teeny-tiny to meet our needs. It might be enough soft serve for a 5-year-old, but if you're any older, do yourself a favor and opt for the bigger cone.

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11. Vanilla Shake

McDonald's low-fat soft serve tastes pretty good on its own, but as the basis for a milkshake without any additional flavoring, we're not the biggest fans. The shake manages to be a bit waxy, and though it's creamy, it doesn't give off the impression that that flavor comes from actual milk. It tastes fine, but it needs something extra to push it into good territory.


10. Strawberry Shake

Adding some strawberry flavoring helps the vanilla shake, but not by much. Though it begins with a perfect creamy texture, the strawberry flavoring and the soft serve seem to separate as the shake melts (which happens very quickly), leaving it soupy and sad. Though the strawberry doesn't taste very authentic, it does add something that elevates it above the plain vanilla.

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9. Hot Caramel Sundae

This dessert should work in theory, but the caramel lets it down. Not only is it far too sweet to be palatable against the already-sugary vanilla soft serve, but the heat of the caramel quickly turns the frozen soft serve into a liquid goo. If you like melty, extra-sugary desserts, you might enjoy this, but it certainly won't be for everyone.

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8. Chocolate Chip Cookie

We want to rank these chocolate chip cookies higher, but their inconsistency makes that difficult. When you're lucky, these taste like homemade, freshly baked cookies right out of the oven. They're fresh and chewy with melted chocolate chips. But most of the time, we find that these cookies are hard and not much better than an inexpensive grocery store cookie out of a box.


7. Vanilla Cone

The vanilla cone is a simple classic, earning it a spot smack dab in the middle of this ranking. With a crispy wafer cone and a whirl of sweet vanilla soft serve, it hits the spot without being overly indulgent. It may not be the most drool-worthy of desserts, but it gets the job done.


6. Chocolate Shake

This shake excels above the others on the McDonald's menu simply for the fact that it's chocolate-flavored, and chocolate makes things better. It rounds out the flavor of the shake, adding a richness that's otherwise lacking and making it extra tasty in the process. Even a melty chocolate shake is a good chocolate shake.


5. Strawberry Sundae

McDonald's strawberry sundae works because there's a little complexity to the flavor. While the strawberry syrup is sweet, there's also a bit of tartness to it that makes it stand out against the vanilla soft serve. The small chunks of strawberry also add more crisp freshness to the flavor, and we love that the syrup isn't piping hot, so it doesn't melt the soft serve beneath it.

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4. McFlurry With M&M's Candies

McFlurries manage to take McDonald's so-so soft serve and lift them to new heights. Simply by mixing tasty toppings into their ice cream, they always manage to turn out a thick, rich dessert that's hard to resist. The only reason this one ranks this low on the list is that the texture of M&M's isn't always the perfect complement to ice cream.

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3. Hot Fudge Sundae

Forget what we said about hot toppings ruining soft serve, because McDonald's hot fudge sundae defies all logic and actually gets better as the vanilla ice cream melts under the heat of rich warm chocolate fudge. Chocolate and vanilla were simply meant to be, no matter how fast this dessert may melt. Add peanuts, and this tasty little sundae soars even further.

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2. Baked Apple Pie

McDonald's apple pie may have changed over the years, but we think it's currently in its ultimate incarnation. With a crispy crust and delicious apple cinnamon filling, it's tangier than it is sweet, making it the perfect post-meal treat. The updated lattice top not only gives it extra crunch, but also lets the steam out so you don't burn your mouth every time you bite into one. That's a win-win, in our book.


1. McFlurry With Oreo Cookies

A McFlurry is basically a perfect dessert—and with the ultimate mix-in of Oreo cookies, this one has to take the No. 1 slot. This dessert is thick and creamy, and every single bite is filled with crispy, chocolatey Oreo pieces. Cookies 'n' cream is a simple yet perfect flavor combination in any form, and this McFlurry proves it.


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