Here's How to Order the Tastiest Eats Off the McDonald's Secret Menu

If you're not finding what you want on the menu board at your local McDonald's, it may be time to go off-menu.

Yes—there really is a "secret menu" that allows you to order items the restaurant doesn't officially offer. Sometimes, the staff will know precisely what you're looking for by name,  but if not, you can get precisely what you want by asking for a substitution or two, or ordering and combining multiple menu items to your heart's content. Curious about the secret menu? Here are the best items on it—and how to order them.

Big Mac Secret Sauce Fries

While most people know that you can get packets of the secret sauce "Spread" at In-N-Out, many are unaware that you can do the same at McDonald's. Just ask for an order of Big Mac sauce on the side and you'll get a little container of the tasty secret sauce. While you can put it on whatever you like, we recommend slathering it all over your fries.


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The McKinley Mac

While the McKinley Mac is a regular menu item in Alaska, it's not so well-known elsewhere—but it's a must-try for the meat-lovers out there. It's essentially a Big Mac, except instead of the little hamburger patties they use in the standard hamburgers and cheeseburgers, it uses the beefier Quarter Pounder patties, making your Big Mac even bigger.

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Chicken McGriddles

McDonald's McGriddles breakfast sandwiches are made with thick and pillowy, syrup-infused hotcakes instead of bread, making them the restaurant's most decadent offerings, but you can get an even tastier version by substituting a McChicken patty for the sausage. This is actually a regular menu item in some places in the world, but even if it's not on the official menu where you live, you can still enjoy it.

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Hashbrown McMuffin

Here's another one that's been on the actual menu at some McDonald's locations. If you're feeling like your Egg McMuffin is lacking a little substance and want something thicker, crunchier and more filling, why not just add a hashbrown to the mix? Order your McMuffin (or even McGriddles) of your choice, pop in a hashbrown, and you'll be good to go!


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Round Egg Burger

If you can't get enough of the round eggs found inside of Egg McMuffins, it's time you learned that those tasty eggs aren'just for breakfast. You can ask for any sandwich on the menu with the "round egg" added, putting a gourmet touch on your fave fast food burger.

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Big McChicken

Whether you're trying to eat less red meat or simply like McDonald's fried chicken patties better than their beef ones, the Big McChicken is a great option for something that's substantial and packed with chicken. Just ask for McChicken patties in places of the beef ones on your Big Mac to enjoy this take on the traditional McDonald's staple.

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The McCrepe

Feeling a little adventurous for breakfast? Try out the unusual foodie combination found in the McCrepe, created by ordering McDonald's hotcakes and a yogurt parfait, and folding the contents of the parfait between the hotcakes like tacos. Save the syrup and the granola to top them off. It may sound weird, but these flavors and textures actually work together like a dream.

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Neapolitan Shake

Sometimes when you're craving a milkshake, it can feel impossible to pick just one flavor. Not sure if your heart wants chocolate, vanilla or strawberry? Get all three classic flavors in one in the form of a Neapolitan Shake. Just ask them to mix the there flavors in a single cup and start sipping—unless the milkshake machine is broken, that is.

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Coke Float

We're all familiar with root beer floats, but it turns out that Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper and even Fanta Orange are also delicious with creamy vanilla ice cream mixed in—and while McDonald's doesn't officially make floats, they do serve fountain drinks and ice cream. Order the soda of your choice and a vanilla cone to make one yourself and enjoy your delicious creation.

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Apple Pie McFlurry

McDonald's apple pies always hit the spot when you're craving something sweet and spiced, but they're even better when paired with McDonald's ice cream. We recommend ordering a vanilla McFlurry with caramel sauce and an apple pie or two before mixing them all together to make one of America's favorite desserts, apple pie a la mode, on the cheap. When other pies are on the menu, they're also free game for this unique hack.

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