Ma Star McKaley Miller Explains Why She Looks Up to Billie Eilish

McKaley Miller is one to watch!

Sweety High recently chatted with the blonde beauty, who you might recognize from the CW's former Hart of Dixie, or her recent film, Ma, which is finally out on digital and will be released on Blu-ray Sept. 3.

After speaking with the actress about her life, style and career, we totally envision a bright future ahead. McKaley believes it's important to remain authentic and spread a positive message to her fans. She likes to keep it real by showcasing a typical day in the life, zit cream and all.

Read on to learn more about the talented rising star.

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Sweety High: How was it working with a star-studded cast on the set of Ma?

McKaley Miller: It was incredible, honestly. To be so young in my career and in life and to have the opportunities to work with people who I've watched and admired for years was unbelievable. I was just trying to watch, absorb and appreciate everything.


SH: What were you able to learn from your fellow cast members?

MM: Octavia Spencer showed us how to properly lead a set. Nobody at any point in time ever felt uncomfortable. She was very much on her A-game and kind to everyone.


SH: How was seeing yourself on the screen with your lips sewn shut?

MM: I thought it was awesome—especially sitting in an audience filled with people the first time I watched it.

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SH: Have you always been a fan of horror films?

MM: I've been a massive horror fan for a very long time. Every summer since middle school, my brother and I would binge-watch scary movies. Our parents would go to work and we'd watch scary movies until they came home.


SH: What's your favorite memory from your time of being on set?

MM: I'm so scared of ghosts. I absolutely hate giving the boys [Cory Fogelmanis, Dante Brown and Gianni Paolo] credit for this. I got home, opened up our kitchen door and all of the cabinets had been opened up—like that scene in Paranormal Activity when the ghost flings all the cabinets open.

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SH: Moving on to getting to know you better as a person—we love your style. Who's your biggest inspiration at the moment?

MM: I love Billie Eilish so much. I think that her whole statement with the clothes that she chooses to wear—because she wants people to listen to her music and not talk about her body—is so inspiring.

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SH: Do you prefer fashion or comfort?

MM: Comfort. Honestly, 95% of the time I'm in sweatpants with no makeup and my hair's up in a bun. My mom is embarrassed that I go out in public like that.


SH: When you do get glammed up, do you have any favorite beauty statements or items that you can't live without?

MM: A bold brow is my favorite thing to do right now. When I get glammed up, I'm like, "bush them up." My eyebrows were something I got bullied for, for the majority of my life, because if I let them go too much, they turn into a unibrow. Now it's trendy and I've learned to appreciate and embrace them.

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SH: Do you have any advice you'd like to give to our readers?

MM: We're all in this together—growing, experimenting and learning about ourselves. Just do what makes you happy, and as hard as it is, don't worry about what other people have to say, because at the end of the day, you have to work on being happy with yourself.


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