Every Member of Emblem3 Is Our MCM Because We Can't Choose Just One

Thank goodness for The X Factor, otherwise we may have never been introduced to one of the best musical groups of all time, Emblem3. Their break up is officially O-V-E-R and these dudes are back together creating some of the best music to grace this planet. Our hearts are happier than they've ever been! It was easy to simply make them all our Man Crush Monday for their musical talents, but Emblem3 has done a slew of amazing things to improve this world with the platform they have. And those are the true reasons why they all are major #MCM material.

MCM art for Emblem3

(via Twitter)

Full Names: Drew Michael Chadwick, Wesley Trent Stromberg and Keaton Robert Stromberg

Based In: Huntington Beach, CA

Birthdays: October 1, 1992 (Drew); December 6, 1993 (Wesley); July 16, 1996 (Keaton)

Zodiac Signs: Libra (Drew); Sagittarius (Wesley); Cancer (Keaton)

Musical Influences: Sublime, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blink 182, Green Day, Sum 41 and Rise Against

Fun Facts:

1. Drew and Wesley became friends in sixth grade and ended up forming a band called American Scholar, which ultimately became Emblem3.

2. The guys are heading out on the Waking Up Tour starting next month with Megan Nicole and Before You Exit. Can you say best tour ever?

A promotional image of Emblem3's Waking Up Tour 2016 with Megan Nicole and Before You Exit

(via @EmblemThree)

3. Their Waking Up EP was released on April Fool's Day. We def thought it was a prank, but were over the moon when we realized it wasn't. Every song is a major jam!

4. Emblem3's app is definitely the only app you need in your life. You can listen to their music whenever, see what the guys are up to and even send the cutest emojis and stickers to your besties. Who would you send this sticker of Keaton to?

Keaton Stromberg making a sad face with the text 'Miss You!' written above him

(via @EmblemThree)

5. Aside from their music and just overall attractiveness, we admire all the work the guys do to make this world a better place. Let's not forget how they encourage their Emblems to do the same through Team Inspire. They're just making the world a more positive place one day at a time!✌️

6. It seems like every day these boys are working with a charity to give back to their community. They've met fans through the Make A Wish Foundation, visited almost every children's hospital and even raised money for Musicians On Call, Didi Hirsch and just about any non-profit organization you can think of. Honestly, what did this world do to deserve them?

7. And it looks like dreams do come true, because the guys are auctioning off a date with all three of them for the Race to Erase MS, which raises money to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. They are beautiful cinnamon rolls too good for this world!?


We may love every member of Emblem3 equally, but we're guessing you all have your fave member. Are they your perfect match? Your zodiac sign will reveal that for you.