It's Oct. 3—Here Are 13 Mean Girls Memes to Celebrate

Since the release of Mean Girls in 2004, Oct. 3 has lived in infamy.

The fateful moment that Aaron Samuels turned to Cady Heron and asked what day it is, has forever been cemented in our brains, making this date a day of national celebration.

This year we've found the best way to commemorate this occasion: memes. Keep scrolling for 13 Mean Girls memes to celebrate Oct. 3.

1. Sorry not sorry:


2. Ugh, you had one job:

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3. This wasn't in the original outline:


4. *slowly raises hand*:


5. Please look away:


6. We could do this all day:


7. You're welcome:

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8. It's a major accomplishment:

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9. We'll never stop:

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10. 10/10, definitely hotter than Aaron Samuels:


11. Seems like a fair question:


12. This isn't what you meant?


13. And finally, the crossover we all needed:


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