5 Meaningful Things to Say When You Split From Someone You Care About

Breaking up is always hard to do—but it doesn't have to be ugly.

Sure, some splits are a long time coming (particularly in relationships that should have never happened in the first place), but other breakups are a result of distance, or naturally moving more into the friendzone over time. Just because you want to call it quits with someone romantically doesn't mean you dislike or disrespect them as a person. Ultimately, you'll only end up with one person for the rest of your life, so there will be plenty of others who come and go before that time comes.

That said, when you do value the person you're splitting from, you'll want to leave them with some thoughtful words before you part. Keep reading for five meaningful things to say when splitting from someone you care about.

1. You've Learned So Much From Your Relationship

Okay, so the relationship has run its course, but that doesn't mean it was a waste of time. Expressing to your former S.O. that you've learned more about life and matured because of your time with them shows that they aren't just another name on your roster of exes. It means you actually paid attention to the relationship and it impacted you. You can even point out how you're now a better listener or better at communicating (or whatever the case may be), thanks to them.

Stranger Things: Nancy and Steve break up

(Stranger Things via Netflix)


2. You Appreciate Their Friends and Family Accepting You as Their Own

While there's plenty you can say about the relationship itself, there's also something to be said about how you interacted with the people closest to your ex. If you had a meaningful rapport with their friends or family, they'll absolutely appreciate you acknowledging how much they meant to you. It shows you put true value on your relationship because you took things a step further to connect with the other important people in their life.


3. You'll Always Think of Them When…

Just because you no longer have romantic feelings for your ex doesn't mean they're out-of-sight, out-of-mind. By telling them there are certain jokes, places, songs or memories that will always remind you of them, it's ensuring you're not just wiping the entire relationship from your head. Even if you move on to someone else, it's okay to think back to a different time in your life that made you smile. Just because you don't want to date someone anymore doesn't mean every association with them has to be negative. Let them know.

Betty crying while breaking up with Jughead on Riverdale

(Riverdale via The CW)


4. They Were There for You Most When…

Whether they lent a listening ear when you had a falling out with a friend, or they helped you study for a really hard test, appreciating when they had your back is a great way to acknowledge their character. While they may feel the blow of the breakup, at least they'll know you value them as a person and respect their empathetic ways.


5. You're Grateful They Taught You…

There's nothing like expressing gratitude… to anyone, let alone an ex. Maybe your former S.O. taught you how to drive a stick shift; maybe they made you into a master video gamer; perhaps they went much deeper and taught you how to forgive someone from your past, or got you over one of your biggest fears. Whatever the case, they'll certainly appreciate you noting how they made you a better person (whether on the surface or deep inside).

Ross and Rachel Breakup Scene

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