Here's What Happened When I Tried Meditating Every Day for a Week

Stress consumed my life over the past week month year.

Many different variables contributed to my constantly overwhelmed state of being. I became so used to feeling this way that I sort of just accepted being unnerved all the time.

That, however, is very unhealthy, and after a tear-filled breakdown one night, I decided to take steps towards achieving a state of zen.

I figured what better way to do that than by turning to meditation (a technique which allows one to rest their mind and focus on what's happening internally rather than outwardly)? For one whole week, I attempted to meditate my worries away through this spiritual practice.

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My experience with meditating sadly didn't start off on a high note. On the first day, I attempted to close my eyes and sit cross-legged in silence for half an hour. I only made it about 10 minutes in, if even. I think it was actually closer to 7 minutes. I found it difficult to quiet my mind and focus on myself. Instead, I kept replaying scenarios that happened throughout my day and focusing on things I still had to complete. Negative thoughts enveloped my mind, causing me to give up far too quickly on the practice.

By day two, I had somewhat given up on this idea that meditation would somehow solve some of my problems. I meditated once I got home that evening and, again, I had trouble stopping my mind from racing. There was, however, a brief moment where I was able to focus on only my breathing. This gave me some semblance of hope, though I was only able to meditate for 10 out of the projected 30 minutes.

Day three is when things took a drastic turn, but for the better. I realized that a few months back I purchased incense that were designed to help one meditate. I lit one of those suckers up and got my meditation on. With the help of the incense, I was better able to subdue my unnecessary thinking and pay attention to my breathing. After about 20 minutes, I fell out of this and called it a night.

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That following morning, I remember waking up to a feeling of positivity about myself and the day ahead. During the day, I also noted how things that would normally bother me or cause me to lose my cool didn't.

Days four and five followed the same cycle as day three—lighting an incense, meditating for 15 to 20 minutes, then going to bed. Each morning I would wake up feeling refreshed and jovial, but I was still upset that I couldn't meditate for a full 30 minutes.

For day six, I switched up my usual meditation routine by doing it in the morning rather than the evening. Because I'm always so rushed in the a.m., it was challenging for me to sit still. Eventually I suppressed my restlessness and focused on meditating. While I was meditating that morning, I found it easier than normal to be in a fully relaxed state. I was able to do a bit of self-reflection before I kickstarted my day.

Though I felt as though I had been meditating for a good chunk of time, when I ended my moment of peace, I realized it had only lasted 15 minutes. I was a bit disappointed because I figured I had surely made it a full 30 minutes.

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It was after that experience when I realized it wasn't about how long I was meditating each day, but more so if I was getting the most out of the practice. As with so many situations in life, meditation is all about quality over quantity.

When day seven rolled around, I felt more confident about my meditation abilities. I chose to meditate at night, but I didn't give myself an allotted time to finish the practice. Instead, I just focused on what my body needed and then came out of the relaxed state when I felt as though I got what I needed.

My seven days may have expired, but I haven't given up meditation. I'm still continuing to practice it every evening before I go to bed. It has helped me become far more serene than I ever thought possible. I can only imagine how much better it will make my life as I continue to do it more and more every day.


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