Meet Lea Michelle: Pre-Glee And Pre-Teen

Most of you know Lea Michele as the face of Rachel Berry- the teenage diva from Fox's chart-topping show, Glee, but this wasn't Lea's first 'high school musical'. MTV recently unearthed footage of the young Gleek when she was 12 years old and was starring alongside her mom in a documentary about motherhood. The young Michele talked about being a child actor, and how she is still a 'real kid' despite her starring role in Broadway's Les Miserables.

"Lots of people say ,'When do you have time to become a real kid?', and I really still am- I'm a normal kid." Lea goes on to say, "Being in the business has kind of made me grow up so fast, because I'm around so many older actors, and I just learned so much so fast and everyone says 'you're so mature!"

…It's no wonder that Lea went on to be such a huge star!

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