All the Fun Facts You Need to Know About Zombies Star Meg Donnelly

Did you watch Zombies on Disney Channel?

If not, you definitely missed out. We got to know one of the DCOM's stars, Meg Donnelly, this week and she shared her own fave zombie movie, spirit animal and more below!


(Photo Credit: The Riker Brothers)

Full Name:  Meg Elizabeth Donnelly

Hometown: New York City, New York

Birthday: July 25

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Fun Facts:

1. The number one location on her list of places to travel is Japan.

2. The Breakfast Club made a huge impact on her life and how she views others.

"It was the first movie to make me think that we are all the same, and until we get to know someone, their outward appearance and how they act doesn't say everything about them. I hope Zombies has that same impact on our audience."- Meg Donnelly

3. She could listen to Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" on repeat forever, but also has versatile music taste.

4. She loves wearing most bright colors, but loves orange the most.

"No one really likes it and it's an underdog color. It's a cool, bright color that smiles!" -Meg Donnelly

5. Her spirit animal is definitely an elephant.

"They laugh, care for each other, are intelligent and are led by a matriarch." -Meg Donnelly

6. The best zombie movie in her opinion is World War Z.

"It's a terrifying movie and oddly I like that." -Meg Donnelly

7. She agrees that laughter is always the best medicine.

"I tend to laugh a lot, so if anyone says anything remotely funny, I find it hilarious." – Meg Donnelly


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