Megan DeAngelis On Being Maybabytumbler!

Megan DeAngelis is a cheerleader, blogger, fashionista, and beauty guru best known as her YouTube alter ego, maybabytumbler.Megan DeAngelis

We chatted with Megan about the start of her career as a guru of the internet, career plans, moving, and more in a recent interview!

In 2010, Megan DeAngelis started making cheerleading and gymnastics videos, including hair tutorials that were perfect for athletics, and tutorials on back flips. Ever since then, her channel has been ever-evolving into a lifestyle and fashion channel.

Online, she's known as "maybabytumbler."

"I'm born in May so I'm a 'maybaby,' and when I started my channel I loved the tumbling aspect of gymnastics and cheerleading, so I tagged a 'tumbler' onto the end," Megan explained.

Megan said that her biggest tip for beginning bloggers is to pick a username that is easy to say and spell.

"Although I am very attached to the name 'maybabytumbler,' it makes things difficult sometimes," she explained. "I really wish I had used my name instead!"

Megan had only uploaded a couple of videos before the subscribers started pouring in.

"I remember checking my channel a few weeks down the line and realizing I had over 500 subscribers," she said. "I was shocked but so happy and it motivated me to want to grow more."

From there, Megan wanted to follow her passion not just for herself, but also for the people who supported her.

"Amazing response from my viewers just made me want to work even harder to make them happy, give them fun things to watch, and help them out in return for their loyal subscription to me," she said.

A few years ago, Megan moved to Germany with her family. More recently, Megan moved to Florida to be a part of the University of Central Florida cheerleading team.

"It was such a pretty place to live, the people were so sweet, and the tropical weather was really exciting to me.  Everything about it was pretty much ideal," she said.

However, Megan realized that being a full-time student at UCF and devoting all of her time to cheerleading would mean that she wouldn't be able to continue with her channels.

"It would have been impossible to create videos at the standard that I wanted to (content and quality wise) and also manage a full college schedule and a spot on the cheer team which practiced everyday," she explained. "So, although I loved Florida, it wasn't the right time to live there."

She's now living in Los Angeles, where she can focus on doing what she loves.

Her favorite types of videos to create are Outfits of the Day, or OOTDs.

"My favorite part about my channel is the fashion styling side of things, so any chance I can get to show what I'm wearing, what outfits I've picked out for certain events, and what tricks and tips I have about wearing certain pieces, I will take!" she said.

Megan compared showing off an outfit to revealing a piece of art you are proud of creating.

She'd love to broaden her horizons even further to share more of her passions with her fans.

"I'd love to get back into acting, singing, song writing and guitar playing like I used to do when I was younger and had more time," she said. " I'm going to work really hard at that because I've realized that performing, whether it be musically or through acting, is a great confidence builder for me and I just have so much fun with it."

Megan returned to school in October. She aims to earn a business marketing degree.

"I'm a workaholic, so being out in LA has been really helpful for me so far, and I'm just going to keep doing what I love and going after my dreams and see where life can take me," Megan said.

Megan explained that she is inspired by many, including the vloggers and fashionistas that came before her.

"I find anyone with strong ambitions and a good heart to be inspiring," she said. "I feel like it's hard to find people that are determined to succeed in something but aren't willing to use others or hurt people to get where they want to be. When I meet someone who is highly motivated for their own success but who is also someone willing to help others with theirs, I get inspired."

Megan said she is inspired by fellow YouTubers Bethany Mota, Meredith Foster, Carly Cristman, and Ingrid Nilsen.

She also finds inspiration in the works of a well-beloved author.

"J.K. Rowling will forever be my queen because, throughout my entire childhood, she inspired me on each page of each Harry Potter book that she wrote," Megan said.

But most of all, Megan DeAngelis is inspired by her fans.

"I'd just really like them to know how thankful I am," she said. "To think that there are people that still take time out of their day to listen to what I have to say means so much to me."

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