Which Megan Nicole Dress Is the Most Outrageously Cute?

Megan Nicole has worn some truly fabulous custom dresses onstage, but our personal fave is the one she wore in our latest episode of Sweet Beat TV! Check out all of her out of this world past looks below!

Megan Nicole's adorable emoji dress was all about love.

emoji dress megan nicole

(via Twitter)

This piggy bank dress could not be cuter.

megan nicole piggy bank dress

(via Disney)

Megan gives off some serious Minnie Mouse vibes in this Mickey dress.

megan nicole mickey mouse dress

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Megan wore some lovely mystical unicorns at last year's Streamy Awards.

megan nicole unicorn dress streamys

(via Streamys)

Megan Nicole celebrated the release of her Escape album in a penguin dress, because why not?

megan nicole penguin dress

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She is super serious about her love for tacos.

megan nicole taco bell dress

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What could be more "Summer Forever" appropriate than this pink flamingo dress?

summer forever flamingo dress megan nicole

(via Where To Get It)

And look at those little hearts on the music notes!

megan nicole music note dress disney

(via Disney)

What's your favorite Megan Nicole outfit of all time? Let us know in the comments, check out related stories below and be sure to check in for our new interview with Megan releasing later today!