Megan Nicole: What Girl Power Means To Me

Girl power to me is being confident in who you are and embracing everything that makes you, you!megan nicole girl power

This can be so tough when so many lies are thrown our way. People telling us, you aren't good enough. You aren't strong enough. You aren't pretty enough.

All these lies from the world that are fed to us almost everyday can be challenging to overlook. But there comes a point where we must choose to not believe these things because the truth is you are beautiful, you are one of a kind and you are so much stronger than you realize.

Being confident in who you are, to me, includes knowing your morals and values, and standing for what you believe in. It's hard sometimes to do that, when everyone else is trying to tell us to live our lives one way, but once again you should never lose faith.

Stay true to who you are. Follow what you are passionate about. And never give up. Women are changing the world everyday. Never underestimate the power of your voice and the power of being a girl.

Megan Nicole is a singer-songwriter from Katy, Texas who found fame on YouTube after expressing her musical creativity through vocals, guitar and piano. Megan has had success not only with covers, but also original music including "B-e-a-utiful," "Summer Forever," and the new track "Never Wanna Let You Go." Big dreams are what keep her inspired!