Megan Nicole Interview Just In Time for Doughnut Day!

Megan Nicole is a YouTube phenom, bordering on 2 million subscriptions. Her latest single, an original song called "Summer Forever" reached 1 million views in just days.

But Megan is more than just a massive talent. We sat down for an interview with Megan Nicole to discuss her rise to fame and her recent trip to the Philippines!

Megan Nicole- National Doughnut Day
Did you know today is National Doughnut Day?

(We saved this interview for National Doughnut Day because of Megan's PERFECT inner tube!)

Though it seems obvious now that Megan Nicole is a born musician, she hasn't always wanted to be a singer. When she was young, she actually aspired to become an interior designer.

"I enjoyed the thought of creating my own space," she said, "and of helping people to create their own personal spaces that reflected them."

When she was a freshman in high school, she learned how to play guitar.

"I fell in love with music," she said. Though she had played piano since the 4th grade, playing the guitar changed her. "I appreciated music fully and completely. I couldn't see myself doing anything else."

Megan Nicole is probably best known for her covers, but she also writes original song. She said the release of her first original, "B-e-a-utiful" was "nerve-racking."

"Covers are songs that have already proven themselves," Megan explained. "With original material, if people don't like it, it's more personal. It's a piece of you."

Despite her worries, the fans were super supportive and loved the song.

Megan Nicole has amassed more than 1.8 million YouTube subscribers.  She said the 1 million mark was a landmark for her.

"It's still pretty surreal to me that I've been able to use YouTube as a  platform to reach out to people all over the globe."

Before our chat, Megan Nicole had just returned from a trip to the Philippines, where she has a huge fan base.

"The fans over there were extremely welcoming and very passionate about music," she said. "In the U.S., I usually don't get recognized, but there I got recognized by a lot more people. It's just so interesting because it's somewhere I've never been, but people know me!"

Megan Nicole performs for an audience in the Philippines
Megan Nicole performs for an audience in the Philippines

The last time we saw Megan Nicole, it was on the red carpet at the Radio Disney Music Awards.  It was Megan's first red carpet.

"It's definitely an interesting experience. Something that I don't think you'll ever get used to," she said. "I was really excited to be a part of that red carpet, because it was the first ever Radio Disney Music Awards."

Megan Nicole's musical career has allowed her to meet and work with people she never thought possible.

"A surreal moment was after Diddy reached out to me I went to his house in Miami," she explained.

She played Diddy some acoustic songs and showed him a few recordings she had been working on. Diddy then flew Megan to meet up with Interscope founder, Jimmy Iovine.

"Both of them have crazy schedules, so just to meet with me and hear what I had  to say, and what I saw in the future and what i had to say about the project, it was crazy," Megan said.

Check out Megan's latest single, Summer Forever, here!

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