Megan Nicole Chats Never Wanna Let You Go!

Megan Nicole is an online musical sensation who has racked up millions of subscribers. She recently released a music video for her original song "Never Wanna Let You Go."Megan Nicole Never Wanna Let You Go

We recently caught up with Megan to chat all about the song's new music video and what she'll be up to next!

Megan wrote "Never Wanna Let You Go" when she was 16 years old.

"It was actually the first song I ever wrote and completed," she said. "I wrote the song about a guy at the time who I  felt was kind of leading me on, only to, in the end, not be interested and just want to be friends. I felt like it was something more."

She said the song was special because it marked the first time she had channeled her emotions into a song. These feelings have helped the song remain relevant to Megan over the years.

"I relate to it on another level, being 20 now," she said. "Sometimes we kind of take situations and overdramatize them. I think I did that then, but I can definitely still relate to the song to this day, which is why I wanted to get it out."

After performing the song live for years, Megan finally sat down to record a studio version of "Never Wanna Let You Go."

The music video for the track released just this week. Because the video had such a straightforward storyline, Megan wanted the video to be striking in style.

"I wanted to do the whole video in red, black and white, down to the clothing, and my lipstick was even red," she said.

For the new music video, she wanted to focus on performance shots.

"Something I do is I play guitar and piano, but I've never shown that in my music videos before, in my originals specifically," she said. "It was nice to get a chance to show people that side of me. I also got to show my quirky side more throughout the narrative which was a lot of fun."

In the new video, Megan adopts the persona of a character named Bonnie May.

"The reason I wanted to do a persona was I wanted the narrative to be separate from my performances," she said. "I think we accomplished that."

Bonnie May was also inspired by 60s fashion icon Twiggy.

"She's why I did the over-the-top bottom lashes," she said. "She's a mix of Twiggy and Betty Boop. I loved all the outfits also."

The music video featured actor and musician Sean O'Donnell as Bonnie May's love interest, Tommy T.

"I just really thought he would be a good fit and had a fresh look for the video," she said. "It ended up working out really well."

She said that casting for such a role can be tough to get right.

"I have cast people to play a love interest, and then they get there and there's just no onscreen chemistry at all," she said. "It's hard especially if you haven't met the person before. In this situation i was very lucky that it worked out well. He was awesome to work with, very sweet, and it was a lot of fun."

In the music video, Bonnie May and Tommy T. meet in the park, and a romance blossoms over time.

"You really see this relationship take place and continue to grow," she explained. "Each day that we would see each other we get closer and closer on the park bench, until finally we start holding hands. But then he was scared of love, so he didn't show up the next day."

She added that she didn't think Sean would ever ditch her by leaving her alone on a bench in the park!

Megan Nicole is also setting out on a west coast tour with Lia Marie Johnson starting April 10.

"That's my favorite part, getting to actually perform these originals live for people and get a chance to meet my fans and just thank them," she said. "I hope to continue to do a lot more touring this year."

She will also be performing at the Road To the RDMAs event in Seattle on April 12.

"I am super super stoked about," she said. "Radio Disney has been great in supporting me and my music."

She also announced that she will be performing at Radio Disney's pre-show festival in Los Angeles the day of the RDMAs!

See the full list of tour dates below and be sure to check out Megan Nicole's social pages below! You can also join us at to share your favorite Megan Nicole memories and tell us about your own musical journey!

Megan Nicole West Coast Tour

  • April 10 – Sacramento, CA – Harlow's
  • April 11 – Eugene, OR – WOW Hall
  • April 12 – Seattle, WA – "OTRT RDMA's @ NW Expo"
  • April 13 – Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre
  • April 15 – San Francisco, CA – Slim's
  • April 19 – Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy