OMG! Megan Nicole Is Guest Starring In A Netflix Series!

Are you sitting down, Meganizers? Good, because we have some insanely exciting news for all of you. Megan Nicole will be guest starring in season 2 of the Netflix original series Popples. Megan voices the character Squeaky Pop, who she describes as being a bit of a diva, which is the polar opposite of Megan. She even takes us into the recording booth so we can catch a glimpse of all the fun Megan had while voicing Squeaky Pop. We're so excited to hear Megan bring this adorable popple to life when the second season of the show is released on March 11.

You may not have known this fun fact about Megan, but any true Meganizer would all of these facts about the queen. Take THIS trivia quiz to prove you know Megan better than anyone.