4 Life Lessons We've Learned From Meghan Markle's Princess Journey

On Saturday, May 19, Meghan Markle will officially be inducted into the royal family, cementing her title as our newest American Princess.

From her adorable love story with Prince Harry, to wowing the world with her progressive approach to her new royal status, there's so much to love about this small-screen actress-turned-icon. But what we love more than anything is how Meghan reminds us that being a princess isn't just about wearing a crown.

Keep scrolling for four reasons why Meghan Markle is everything we need in a princess:

She's Not a Stereotypical Princess

Unlike the princesses we see in movies or on TV, Meghan didn't grow up in a luxurious palace filled with servants who waited on her, nor did Prince Harry swoop in and save her from a miserable life. Meghan was happy, successful and thriving all on her own. She worked hard to become a well-known American actress, she established a name and reputation for herself and never shied away from speaking her mind.

Even though she doesn't fit into the princess mold we've created, she's still a princess nonetheless. It's encouraging to think that you don't have to follow a set path to be a princess. In fact, being yourself might even make you more regal than trying to follow the path others have outlined.


She Proves a Prince Shouldn't Be the Goal

In much the same way that Megan doesn't fit into the stereotype of "princess," she also proves that finding a prince shouldn't be the goal. Meghan didn't live her life planning to meet and fall in love with Prince Harry. She lived her life for herself, pursuing her dreams and following the path that felt right for her. In doing so, she just happened to find her version of Prince Charming (who, in this case, actually happened to be a real-life prince).

She's perfect proof that you can't live your life with the ultimate goal of finding your perfect match. If you focus on yourself, your prince will find you eventually, and if he doesn't, you won't have wasted your time waiting around for him.

She Cares About the People

Anyone knows that the mark of a truly great royal is a genuine love for the people around her. Meghan's proved time and time again that she's committed to philanthropy and charity, showing that she cares about helping people and creating a space where everyone can grow and thrive. She and Prince Harry even asked for guests to give to charities in place of getting the couple a gift on their wedding day.

The relatable beauty shows she'll be a princess for the people without asking for any recognition or acknowledgement in return, reminding us that being a princess is about more than just wearing a crown.


She's Not Afraid to Make Change

If there's one thing the royal family is known for, it's strict attention to tradition. But sometimes being a royal means being willing to make changes, even if people don't agree with you at first. Princess Diana was one of the most beloved princesses in history, and she was also the first to step outside of the royal box and become a princess for the people. Much like Diana, Meghan's proved she's not afraid of making changes.

Whether it's refusing to wear stockings to a royal engagement or adjusting her outfits to make herself more approachable, she's ready to make the princess role all her own. She encourages us to dance to the beat of our own drums and take risks, as all great princesses should.


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