New Music Friday: Meghan Trainor Is Making Our Day "Better"

Living for all the new tunes this Friday has blessed us with! It's about time you listen to them if you haven't already. Scroll below, and let us know in the comments if you're having as much fun with these tracks as we are!


1. "Better" by Meghan Trainor

We thought "NO" was going to be our fave single off of Meghan's upcoming album Thank You, but "Better" may have just taken that title. We're honestly so excited to hear all the songs off her second album when it comes out next month — EEP! (P.S. Scroll to the bottom of the post to hear the full song!)


2. "Honey" by Moose Blood

Don't let their band name fool you, these guys aren't as hardcore as they seem. They have a sound similar to The 1975, but with ~a little bit~ of a punkier vibe. "Honey" is the first song they released off their second album Blush and it's such a bop. You won't be able to get it out of your head for years.


3. "Satellite" by Sara Hartman

The honesty and raw emotion behind the words Sara is singing in this song hits you majorly right in the feels. You've definitely gone through a situation like this before.


4. "Dancing On The Sun" by Bahari

We just recently discovered Bahari, but it was love at first listen. "Dancing On The Sun" will make you want to go to the beach and surf until the waves are no longer crashing. It's basically the perfect song to get you pumped for summer. Let the undying obsession with these girls begin.


5. "Looking At You" by Loop

Loop's single will have you up and dancing within the first 10 seconds of the song. It's also incredibly catchy and her voice is totally unique. You've definitely never heard anyone like her before.


And of course we put it all into a Spotify playlist for all of you to make it easier to jam out to these songs wherever and whenever you want.


But the new music doesn't stop here, oh no! You have to listen to THESE five songs from some of our faves like Boyce Avenue and P!NK right this second.