Meghan Trainor Is Literally About To Take Over The World As Our Woman Crush Wednesday

Meghan Trainor has rightfully earned plenty of awards for her music, including a Grammy for Best New Artist. But the most notable award she has won is the title of our #WCW. We are huge fans of every single one of Megan's songs, but there are so many more ways she inspires us.

Meghan Trainor #WCW art

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Full Name: Meghan Elizabeth Trainor

Hometown: Nantucket, Massachusetts

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn♑

Favorite Hobby: Bowling?

Go To Karaoke Song: "Single Ladies" by Beyonce

Favorite Movie: Just Friends

Biggest Fear: The dark

Favorite Food: Pizza (More specifically, her dad's pizza!)

Fun Facts:

1. She wrote her single "Lips Are Movin'" in only eight minutes.

2. And she's actually been writing songs since she was 11 years old.

3. She's even written songs for Sabrina Carpenter, Fifth Harmony and Rascal Flatts. We're obsessed with "Can't Blame A Girl For Trying," which she co-wrote for Sabrina.

4. Before she was in the music biz, Meghan worked at her parents jewelry shop.

5. All of her music is Queen Bey approved. She revealed that Beyoncé once came up to her and told her she dances to her songs with Blue Ivy!!!!!!!!!!

Meghan Trainor with Beyonce

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6. She studied sign language in high school. We hope she still knows how to sign, because we would love for her to teach us sometime.

7. Meghan played football with her brothers for three years at her local Boys & Girls Club and was the only girl on the team.

8. Her dream gig would be to act on SNL and we're so down for that to happen.

9. Meghan shared that she and her family used to have disco parties together with bubble machines and disco lights. Can they adopt us or…?


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