What You Need to Know About Former Nickelodeon Actress Melissa Carcache

If you were ever an Every Witch Way fan, then you know and love Melissa Carcache.

The former Nickelodeon actress took the time to chat with us about why she looks up to Princess Belle, her celeb crush and dreams for the future. Read on to get the scoop!


(Photo Credit: Danny Gallego)

Name: Melissa Carcache

Birthplace: Miami, Florida

Birthday: Feb. 21

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Fun Facts:

1. Her dog is her BFF. "I have a Chihuahua named Romeo," she tells Sweety High. "He's my whole world."

Mommy and pup day ????

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2. One day, she would love to be in a musical. She loves seeing them and thinks they're "grand and magical."

3. Her snacking habits totally mirror our own. She confesses that she "can't live without bread." She also knows that bread goes with anything.

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4. One of her favorite songs is "You've Got a Friend" by James Taylor. "It's mine and my dad's song," she tells us. "It's a beautiful song with a beautiful message."

5. In her opinion, the best Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. "Belle really inspired me as a little girl and still does to this day," she shares. "I related to the fact that she always knew deep in her heart she had a lot to give to the world and always thought big."

6. Gaston from Beauty and the Beast is obviously her favorite villain. "He's just so handsome!"

7. Her celeb crush is Bradley Cooper. I mean, who doesn't love ol' B. Coop!?

8. And if you love Melissa as much as we do, you cannot miss her role in the upcoming webseries Hialeah, which she also co-created and executive produced. It premieres exclusively on Facebook on Nov. 11.


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