8 Memes You'll Only Identify With If You've Accidentally Liked Your Crush's Instagram Photo

Accidentally liking your crush's photo on Instagram is rough.

Sure, the photo-sharing app is a great way to show off the new shoes you bought or tell the world how much your squad means to you, but one wrong tap can easily cause more anxiety than a failed test or broken curfew combined.

Pretty Little Liars Phone

(Pretty Little Liars via Freeform)

If you've had the misfortune of accidentally liking a photo you only meant to stare longingly at, you'll totally relate to the eight memes below:

1. This is so true:


2. Don't ever show anyone in your family an Instagram pic of your crush:

3. Accidentally liking a photo is bad enough. Accidentally liking a really old photo is even worse:

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4. After that, your phone is basically radioactive:


5. And unliking the pic doesn't help:


6. Or just swear off your phone altogether:


7. But if you're feeling good, why not lean into the like?!


8. Just remember to be very careful the next time you're scrolling:

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If you've accidentally liked your crush's photo, but are already over it, click HERE for song lyrics to use when you need an Instagram caption for your selfie.