Memes You'll Relate to If You're Bad at Doing Makeup

If you have a lack of skills when it comes to doing your makeup, you may know the true meaning of the phrase "beauty is pain."

Flawless winged eyeliner, glowing skin and bold brows are all the rage, but trying to copy your favorite beauty blogger's look can often be easier said than done, right ladies?

For your viewing pleasure, we've rounded up several hilariously relatable memes for all the babes who aren't glam queens…or even close!

When you come to terms with your brows being sisters, not twins:

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When you finally realize a little bit goes a long way:

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When you're ready to lose it after all that hard work goes to waste *sigh*:

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When you've gone too far with the highlighter and now you must commit:


For that please-don't-judge-me-I'm-rolling-with-it glam:


Yep, it's time to rock a turtleneck to hide this epic makeup fail:


Okay, that's it, I'm calling MAC for help:


Don't worry girls, it happens to the best of us! When you finally do nail your makeup look, HERE are 11 Instagram captions for your fierce selfies!