Memes to Cheer Up Your Best Friend When They're Feeling Down

It's always hard to see your best friend go through a rough patch.

Even if it won't make everything right again, it's always important to be there for your bestie. The least you can do is send a comforting meme. Keep scrolling for our a list of the memes that always cheer us right up.

At least your friend can make their own bed:


Cute animals in weird situations fix most things:


This is a tragedy:


How to make any day better:


Few things are better than "Bichelangelo:"


This shirt knows what's up:


Every one of these memes is a gift:


Everyone deserves a pat on the back for this:


If you relate to these faces, this will make you feel better:


Your friendship won't float away, either:


Sometimes, sincerity is the best medicine:



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