9 Memes to Send Your Crush That Are Guaranteed to Get a Response

Mustering up the courage to text your crush, even if it's just a causal "hey," is absolutely terrifying. But it doesn't have to be.

Instead of spending days trying to craft the perfect text, let some hilarious memes do the talking.

Below are nine memes you can send your crush that are guaranteed to get a response.

When they ask if you've started the huge paper that's due tomorrow:

Sounds about right…

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When you want them to know you're excited for the weekend, in the middle of a Tuesday:

Why are some weeks longer than others?


When they ask you about your weekend plans, but you have a part-time job:

Oh, the joys of working.


When you're curious about what they watch on Netflix, but want them to know where your loyalties lie:

Starting a new show can be way more difficult than it needs to be.


When they want to know your opinions on Tide Pods:

Tide pods are friends, not food.


When you casually want to let them know you're available with the help of a little self-deprecating humor:

What are "friends"?

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When you want to apologize for texting them back so quickly:

Sorry, it's just that I love you.


When you're trying to nudge a response out of them, but you realized you never hit send:

We've all been there.

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When you really want to send them a fire selfie, but know you aren't that photogenic:


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