Memes You'll Relate to If You Have Strict Parents

Plans to hit that party this weekend? Forget it.

Being raised by strict parents means early curfew, constant contact via text or phone and the need for their approval of nearly all your decisions. Yeah, it can seem like they're trying to ruin your social life, but they definitely just have your best interests in mind (Someone has to!).


(Mean Girls via Paramount Pictures)

At some point, you'll totally appreciate how much they care about your safety and well-being—but for now, we'll help you laugh through that all-too-real struggle with these amazing memes:

Going incognito becomes second nature to you:


When you start acting like there's nothing to see here:


Oops, maybe you shouldn't have spilled that tea to mom and dad:


When you realize you just can't win:


When you just want to grab a bite to eat, but can't even do that:


When everyone is apparently living their best life except you:


Coming to terms with the fact that your friends just don't get it:


When you realize age is really just a number to your parents:

Pretending to be asleep is a true skill of yours:


It's not always easy to have strict parents, but HERE are tips on how to break the news that you got a detention.