This Party Playlist Is a Must for Memorial Day Weekend

Hands up and get excited, because it's almost Memorial Day – a special time to honor those who served our country.

Whether you'll be chilling poolside with your besties or grilling hot dogs and burgers with the fam, we've got 11 songs you should put on full blast all throughout this three-day weekend. Turn up the volume and listen to them NOW:

Girl standing in front of a lake pumping her fist into the air while she is listening to music through headphones

(Photo Credit: Eugenio Marongiu via Shutterstock)


1. "Kidnap Me" by Cruisr

Cruisr has placed the ultimate beach day jam in our laps with this song. Vibing to it's laid-back feels!


2. "Boombox" by Laura Marano

Catch us blowing our speakers out with the Disney darling's debut single. We're high-key obsessed with it.


3. "Rebel Sun" by Beach Weather

Beach Weather somehow found a way to bottle up summer and turn it into this bop. Pretty sure it was also written with us in mind, nbd.


4. "Wildside" by Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson

Oh, Sabrina and Sofia, how we love you. There's no stopping us from dancing when we hear "Wildside."


5. "Perfect Score" by State Champs

We'll be rocking out to this banger from the pop-punk group for the rest of our lives.


6. "Hypnotize Me" by Taylor Berrett

You have most certainly hypnotized us, Taylor. So when are you going to come and serenade us?


7. "Don't Let Me Down" by TCS feat. Daya

We feel pretty hardcore listening to this banger. It's our jam for sure!


8. "Mais La" by Royal Teeth

Let the positive feelings surround you as you listen to this tune from Royal Teeth.


9. "Can't Stop the Feeling" by Justin Timberlake

So just dance, dance, dance to Justin's latest release with your besties and everything will be alright.


10. "East of Eden" by Zella Day

We definitely feel incredibly powerful whenever we listen to Zella's moody tune.


11. "Graduate" by Handsome Ghost

The only thing you should do when "Graduate" comes on is chill out and relax.


Get our picks with the snap of a finger by listening to the full Spotify playlist below:


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