Every Time Mercury Will Be in Retrograde in 2019

It's March 5, and astrology fans are breathing a collective sigh of frustration because the day marks the first time Mercury goes into retrograde in 2019.

This planetary occurrence has some pretty negative connotations, but what does it really mean? Keep reading for a quick explainer on the phenomenon below, plus the dates and meanings of every Mercury retrograde this year, and how to protect yourself from any bad cosmic energy.

What Is Mercury in Retrograde?

We've covered the topic in depth before, but Mercury in Retrograde occurs when the planet Mercury's motion (from the perspective of an observer from earth) seems to move into reverse. Since astrologers believe that Mercury is representative of communication and understanding, this retrograde motion means a breakdown in communication, making it a whole lot harder to get your point across and come to agreements on anything with the people around you. This can make Mercury retrograde a pretty trying time—if you believe in that sort of thing, anyway.

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The Dates

Thankfully, Mercury in retrograde doesn't last forever, even if it does typically occur a few times a year. We're getting three in 2019, each lasting at least three weeks, and the effects will vary slightly each time it occurs. Here's what to look out for:

March 5 to March 28

March's Mercury retrograde will last for 24 days and be split between the signs of Pisces and Aries. From March 5 to March 20, be extra careful that you don't live too much in your head and daydream all of your hours away. It's a good idea to have an artistic outlet during these dates so that all of that creative energy doesn't go completely to waste. When Aries season arrives, from March 21 to March 28, you might start feeling antsy and spontaneous at the worst of times. Do what you can to keep your cool and be extra careful of what you say.

July 7 to July 31

July's Mercury retrograde will last 25 days and occur between Cancer and Leo. When the sun is in Cancer, from July 7 to July 22, do what you can not to take any negativity to heart. Chances are that you'll be on the receiving end of all types of miscommunication, and you'll be especially prone to having your feelings hurt during this time. From July 23 to July 31 the sun enters Leo, which may fill you with false confidence. While your opinion of yourself may be stronger than ever during this time, your skills won't necessarily be up to par. Wait until August, when your judgment will be less clouded, before you make any big decisions.

Oct. 31 to Nov. 20

The last Mercury retrograde of the year is also the shortest at 21 days, and it rests entirely within Scorpio. For these three weeks, you may feel emotionally vulnerable, and you'll be ruled by your heart rather than your head. Do what you can not to make any rash choices that will upset the balance in your life, because you may regret it once Mercury moves forward again. Before you express yourself, think hard about what your words will achieve and whether they're actually worth saying.

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How to Fight It

Whether you believe in the powers of Mercury in retrograde or not, it doesn't hurt to do try to counteract its negative effects. During this time, take extra care in every aspect of the way you communicate with others. Whether you're speaking to someone or just sending them an email or DM, do everything you can to express yourself as clearly and effectively as possible. Double-check pretty much everything you do, and avoid going on trips or making any long-term commitments you might regret later. Prepare for the worst but expect the best in anything that involves communication, and you'll be able to make it through anything.


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