7 Things You Actually CAN'T Blame on Mercury in Retrograde

Cancel all your plans until Nov. 20—Mercury is in retrograde once again.

A common astrological phenomenon, Mercury in retrograde refers to the period of time in which Mercury's motion seems to change direction in the sky. Why does this matter, you ask? Well, according to astrologers, Mercury controls communication, technology, travel and perception. When the planet is in retrograde, it's essentially sleeping, shirking its many duties to the world. This leads to confusion and frustration, as well as general mix-ups and malfunctions that can severely impact your life for the entire time the planet is in retrograde.

While the very idea of Mercury in retrograde incites panic, you can't attribute everything that goes wrong in your life to the movements of this tiny planet. Keep scrolling for seven things you actually can'blame on Mercury in retrograde.

Your Bad Mood

We get it—dealing with Mercury in retrograde is frustrating. This tiny planet controls so much of our day-to-day. Struggling to travel places as simple as school and work or feeling misunderstood for three full weeks can take its toll. While Mercury may make things harder for you, the way you respond is still under your control. If you're in a bad mood for the entire time the planet is in retrograde, you can't really blame that on Mercury. Your attitude, your problem, you know? The planet may make things hard, but you can still choose to be happy.

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Being Tired

Along with other things, Mercury most notably controls how you make sense of the world and how you communicate with others. If you're feeling misunderstood and frustrated, go right ahead and blame that on Mercury in retrograde. But Mercury has nothing to do with your sleep patterns. If you're feeling tired and lethargic during Mercury in retrograde, that's all on you. Snoozing your alarm for two hours in the morning is your decision—leave Mercury out of it.



Mercury in retrograde comes with a general sense of panic. But if you notice your spending habits ticking up during this frustrating time, it really has nothing to do with the movements of the planet. Mercury controls how you interact with others. Spending too much money is all about yourself, and Mercury can't take responsibility for that. Maybe you need a little extra retail therapy to deal with your added frustration during this time. However, trust us when we say that Mercury couldn't care less about your financial decisions.

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Breaking Up With Someone

Mercury in retrograde makes it really difficult to communicate with the people around you, including your significant other. While you may feel like you can't get on the same page during Mercury in retrograde, going so far as to break-up with them can't be blamed on the planet.

For starters, you're not supposed to make any life-changing decisions during Mercury in retrograde. When things start moving normally again, you may find that your judgment was clouded. In addition, Mercury in retrograde only lasts about three weeks. If you're willing to break up with your S.O. over a few communication woes in that short a time, you probably weren't all that interested in dating them anyway.



Does struggling to communicate with other people mean you should put all your school work and deadlines aside? Absolutely not. Frustrated and panicked as you might be, business still has to proceed as usual during Mercury in retrograde. Pausing your entire life for three weeks multiple times a year isn't the right move.

You must take responsibility for your own procrastination habits, no matter what the planets are doing. Mercury in retrograde may make it a little more difficult to focus, but it's doubtful your teachers will take your astrological argument as a valid excuse for not turning in your work. Chances are you procrastinate the rest of the year anyway, so blaming it on Mercury in retrograde is both inaccurate and silly.


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Getting Sick

Getting sick is unfortunate at any time of the year. Sadly, Mercury has nothing to do with your health. If you get sick during Mercury in retrograde, it's just bad luck all around. But the planet that controls communication and travel did not make you sick—sorry not sorry.


Getting Back Together With Your Ex

Mercury in retrograde is a bad time to start new relationships, but a great time to mend old ones. Getting a text from an ex is almost a certainty during Mercury in retrograde. However, hearing from and ex and re-starting that relationship are two different things. Blame the planet for their decision to reach out to you, but blame yourself for the choice to get back into a relationship that clearly doesn't work.


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