Merida Costume Tutorial: Girl Power Halloween!

Every Thursday this month we've been sharing a new tutorial for an awesome girl power costume you can recreate at home. This week, we'll be showing you a Merida costume tutorial from the hit Disney and Pixar animated film, Brave!Merida Costume Tutorial

Unlike other Disney princesses, Merida decides that she doesn't need to find the Prince Charming in her life to be. At a young age, her father, King Fergus, gives her a longbow for her birthday, and she eventually becomes the best archer in the kingdom!

To create the perfect Merida costume, you have to find the right dress! You don't have to find something exactly like the long green velvet dress that Merida wears in the film, but a long-sleeved dress will really make you look the part!

Accessorize with gold arm cuffs and your favorite pair of brown flats!

Don't forget to add Merida's longbow and quiver of arrows to be super authentic, complete with toy arrows so nobody gets hurt!

And no Merida costume is complete without Merida's signature curly hair! Whether you buy a wig or follow the tutorial embedded below to replicate Merida's hairstyle, it's sure to help you stand out in a crowd!

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