You Need Mermade's Ionic Hair Straightener

It's not every day that I use hot tools on my hair, but when I need to, I make sure to use the best of the best.

And one of my favorite and most trusted brands as of late is Mermade Hair. The brand makes some truly incredible hot tools—from round brush blow dryers to hair wavers and straighteners, I've tried and loved them all. The latest product I tried out is the Ionic Hair Straightener, and I'm hooked. Continue below to learn all about Mermade and the Ionic Hair Straightener.

The Brand

Mermade Hair is an Australian-based hair brand known for its adorable pink hot tools. Their signature Hair Waver is loved by anyone who tries it out—us included! We love that Mermade helps us to achieve even better hair every single day. And with their Ionic Hair Straightener, it's safe to say all of our hot tools come from Mermade Hair.

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The Ionic Hair Straightener: $99 (currently on sale for $79.20!)

The box the straightener comes in screams luxe right away—it's sturdy, thick and not to mention, adorable. Upon taking the straightening iron out of the box, I was met with a cute, sleek and pink tool. With a rounded edge and 28 mm floating plates, this straightener is perfect for all hair types.

Whether you deal with hair that's frizzy, flat, wavy, curly or something in between, this hot tool can take your hair to the next level. I'very picky about the straighteners I'll use since they can be so damaging to the hair, but after using this hot tool, it was clear from the start that its lightweight design and ceramic plates left me with smooth and soft strands.

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The most innovative aspect of this hair straightener has to be the ionic technology. Other straighteners damage the hair, but this one uses ionic tech to seal the hair cuticle. This is vital for not only creating shine but also for saying goodbye to flyaways.

The first time I used the straightener, I had given myself an at-home blowout, and since I was dealing with already smooth hair, straightening it was a breeze. I was interested to see how it would do with my hair when I naturally let it dry, so when the time came for my next hair wash day, I skipped the dryer and allowed it to dry on its own. Once it was completely dry, I plugged in the straightener, brushed my hair, applied heat protectant and got to work! It took a lot longer than my previous use with the tool, but that's only because my hair was on the more frizzy and wavy side. However, the results were the same and I was left with sleek, shiny and straight locks.

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Bottom Line

If you're looking for a hair straightener that will look darling on your vanity and work wonders on your hair, look no farther than Mermade Hair's Ionic Hair Straightener. It's user-friendly and versatile, as it can be used to straighten and even curl the hair (thanks to the rounded edges). Plus, it's currently on sale, so get shopping!

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