We Tried Out the Mermade Pro Waver—and OMG

The '90s have made quite the comeback this year, and I'not mad about it.

Whether it's fashion, beauty or pop culture, the decade can be seen all over my social media feeds. But you know what '90s trend I'most obsessed with? Crimped hair! And no, not the kind that leaves harsh lines or makes your hair look frizzy, but the new and improved crimp-wave hairstyle.

Enter Mermade Hair. The brand is best known for their wave styling tools, leaving you with hair reminiscent of a mermaid. After seeing Mermade Hair all over my Instagram feed, I was immediately intrigued. And when a rep from the brand reached out to me about trying out their waver hot styling tool, I knew it was meant to be! Below, you'll find my full review of the Mermade Pro Waver.

The Product

Mermade Pro Waver: $69

I've tried just about every single hot tool there is on the market. From straighteners to curling irons to the Dyson AirWrap and more, it's safe to say I'm an expert on what does and doesn't work. My first piece of advice to anyone getting into hot tools for the first time would be to take it slow. Don't take heat to your hair every day. In fact, try to use it as little as possible.

Personally, when I wash my hair I let it air dry and put it into a twisted bun overnight. In the morning, I let it down and it turns into a pretty beachy wave. By avoiding the blow dryer, I don't feel as guilty using something like the Pro Waver the next day.

Mermade is definitely the brand that started it all, and since I've tried out another waver from a different brand, I was eager to see if there would be a difference. Without throwing the other brand under the bus, this one was loads better.

Before even seeing the product, I could tell simply from the packaging that it was superior. Then, when I held the tool in my hands, the heavyweight and sturdy feel was an obvious sign it's meant to last.

The first time I used the waver, I divided my hair into three sections, starting from the bottom. I had to play around with the heat settings and the time to hold each piece, but once I got the hang of it, it was very easy. All I did was hold the waver over a section of hair for a few seconds, then bring it down to the remaining hair (I have pretty long hair so it took about three passes). After completing the first layer, I could already tell it was going to look so good.

Since we're in the midst of summer and I, unfortunately, don't have an AC, I got hot and had to take a break in the middle of doing my hair. After cooling down, I was able to finish my whole head relatively quickly and the end result was perfection.

The brand was also kind enough to send me their protective heat mat and clutch, which I plan on using on my next getaway. If you're running out the door but your hot tool is still too hot, this mat and clutch solves it all. I seriously can't wait to actually use this bad boy.


Bottom Line

If you're looking for beachy, sexy, mermaid-like hair, I couldn't recommend the Mermade Pro Waver enough. At a great price point and made with quality in mind, you truly can't go wrong.


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