8 Ways to Subtly Exude Mermaid Vibes All Summer Long

We know you're totally a mermaid IRL, so we're all about you flaunting your finest features.

The products below are exactly what you need to ooze shimmering mermaid vibes out in the sunlight or at night while also keeping it low-key.

Scroll through for everything you need to reach peak glow this season!

Holographic Nail Polish: $10.00

We've shown you how amazing holographic nail polish is before, but now it's time to invest in a bottle of your own. This gorgeous nail trend is the perfect way to be a shimmering creature of the sea, sans the tail.

Holographic nail polish

(via Etsy)


Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Radiance Drops: $32.00

Soak up the micro-glistening pearls and antioxidants in these radiance drops for full-on mermaid-level skin. Your friends will be completely envious of your summer glow. We won't tell if you won't.

Rainforest of the Sea radiance drops

(via Tarte Cosmetics)


Milk Makeup Mermaid Eye Pigment: $24.00

Creasing, smudging and discoloration are no match for this epic eye pigment. The shades range from subtle all the way to wild for those days you want to up your mermaid shine.

Milk makeup eye pigment

(via Milk Makeup)


Too Faced Color Drenched Lipstick: $22.00

You could argue that there's nothing subtle about this lipstick, but it's definitely one of the most lowkey ways to let the world know you're not the average land dweller. This creamy, sparkling lipstick is great for a night out or your next oceanic adventure.

Too Faced color drenched lipstick

(via Too Faced)


Milk Makeup Cooling Water: $24.00

Feel and smell like a mermaid (in the best way possible) with this cooling gel stick. Infused with seawater and a touch of caffeine, this product will perk up your visage almost instantly after application.

Milk Makeup cooling water

(via Milk Makeup)


Mermaid Lagoon Body Glitter: $6.80

Next step: body glitter. This powder of the sea can be worn with eyeshadow, in your hair or on your face for a serious Ariel vibe. Trust us, you almost won't feel like being lowkey after throwing this on. 

Mermaid lagoon body glitter

(via Etsy)


Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray: $24.00

If you've been looking for that "just left the ocean" mermaid-style hair, this spray is exactly what you need. Organic sea salt and aloe vera gel add just the right amount of volume and texture to your locks for a look landlubbers won't know the secret to.

Mermaid sea salt hair spray

(via Sephora)


Mermaid Perfume Spray: $50.00

On days you feel like splurging and just really want to smell fresh, breezy and beachy, this mermaid perfume spray is your ultimate savior. Wear it on its own or with the products above and congratulations, you are the perfect land-friendly mermaid.

Mermaid perfume spray

(via Mermaid Perfume)


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